What is Bobsled?
  • 12 Jul 2024
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What is Bobsled?

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Article summary

Bobsled is a cross-cloud data sharing platform that makes it painless to share data between any data lake or warehouse. We enable product and data teams to share data products directly into a customer or partner’s preferred analytical environment without ever leaving their own.

 Diagram of Bobsled Data Platform

Common Use Cases

  • A data provider uses Bobsled to share a data product stored in GCP to a customer as a shared “view” in Snowflake.

  • A SaaS application uses Bobsled to share application data stored in AWS S3 into a customer’s Azure blob storage for analysis.

  • A data team uses Bobsled to share weekly sales data stored in Azure to a partners’ AWS S3 bucket.

Key Features

  • Cloudless Provisioning. Share ready-to-query data to a team in another platform without managing infrastructure in the destination.

  • Credential-Free Sharing. Bobsled builds on the native sharing protocols built by each platform to allow teams to share data without ever exchanging private credentials.

  • Single Pane of Glass. See status and usage statistics on your shares from a single interface. Make sure all transfers are complete and see whether customers are actually accessing the information.

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