Amazon S3 Destination
  • 20 Mar 2024
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Amazon S3 Destination

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Article summary

Amazon S3, an object storage service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), is one of many delivery destinations that Bobsled supports.

Bobsled has very flexible support for S3 Buckets, including control over:

  • Bucket region

  • Whether the bucket is created and managed by Bobsled, or is an external bucket managed by you or a partner

  • Access control

Bobsled managed buckets

A convenient way to deliver data to S3 buckets is to use a Bobsled managed bucket. These are buckets, created and managed by Bobsled, in an AWS account also created and managed by Bobsled. Once created, simply grant ARNs access to the data

Learn more about creating Bobsled managed bucket

External buckets

For greater flexibility and control, Bobsled can deliver files to buckets on third-party AWS accounts.

Learn more about creating external bucket delivery destinations

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