Create and Manage Consumers
  • 17 May 2023
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Create and Manage Consumers

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This article will describe the steps for a Provider to create and manage a consumer organization, and link the organization to a share. Visit Consumer Organizations to learn more. 


To create a new consumer organization entity and link an organization to a share, you must be a Provider. 

Creating and managing consumer organizations 

There are two ways to create a new consumer organization: 

  • On the Manage page
    • Configure a new organization entity from Provider’s settings
  • Directly from the Share page
    • Add new and existing consumer organizations directly from a specific share

From the Manage page:

1. From the main menu, select Manage → click on the Consumer organizations tab. 

2. Click on the Create consumer organization button

3. Enter a human-readable name of the consumer organization into the text box. The name must be longer than 2 characters. 

4. Click Save. A new consumer organization will be created. 

    4.1. To edit the name of the consumer organization, click the ellipsis and select “Edit”

Delete a consumer organization

To delete a consumer organization, you must do so on the Manage page. If you delete a consumer in use, this may impact the amount billed for Monthly Active Consumers. 

1. From the main menu, select Manage → click on the Consumers tab.

2. For the desired Consumer Organization Click the ellipsis and select “Delete”

Adding new and existing consumer organizations to a share 

1. From the main menu, select Shares. Click on the share that you would like to add a new consumer organization. 

2. Click on Add consumer organization. 

3. Under Add a consumer organization, select the drop down. A list of your consumer organizations will appear. 

4. Select a pre-existing consumer organization or create a new organization

    4.1. To add a pre-existing consumer organization to a share, search in the text box for the organization name. Then, click on the organization name and select Done

    4.2. To create a new consumer organization, type a unique human-readable name in the text box and select the plus button “Create new”. Select Done

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