Snowflake Destination
  • 21 Apr 2023
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Snowflake Destination

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Snowflake is one of many delivery destinations that Bobsled supports. When delivering data from cloud object storage, Bobsled will turn the selected folders into tables in Snowflake. Utilizing Snowflake Secure Data SharingBobsled creates a Snowflake data share in which the configured Snowflake account(s) are granted access to create a read-only database from the share to query within their account. 

Set up a Snowflake Destination

To learn how to Configure a Snowflake destination in Bobsled, please visit: Configure a Snowflake Destination


Bobsled requires the Snowflake organization name and account name to grant your account access to the Snowflake share. An Account Admin (or other user with import share privilege) on the Snowflake account that will consume the data must accept the data share to make it available within the account. 

To learn more about the Snowflake access identifier used within Bobsled please visit: Account Access Identifiers in Snowflake. 

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