Users and Roles
  • 19 Mar 2024
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Users and Roles

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Article Summary

This article will describe managing users, their roles and the permissions they are granted.

Users can be invited and granted certain permissions to be able to execute different functions within Boblsed.

User Management is located under the Members option within the left-hand nav menu.

High-Level Overview:

User Management

Creating and Inviting Users

To invite a user, you will need to supply the email address and role that you would like to assign. The user will then receive an invitation to their email inbox. 

Resending a User's Invitation

If a user does not receive an invitation, you can resend it using the Resend button that is located on the User Record: 

This can be found on the user record

Changing a User's Role

If you would like to modify a User's role and the permissions available, locate the User record. Hovering over their current role will give you a pencil icon to edit.

Selecting the new role you would like them to be assigned, you can now save it using the save icon for changes to be applied.

Deleting a User

To delete a user, locate the User record. On the User record, you will find the delete icon located to the right of their email and permissions.

Roles and Permissions

Five roles can be assigned to a user within Bobsled:

  • Owner
  • Member
  • Fulfillment
  • Integrator
  • Consumer

Role Definitions

OwnerAdministrator account for Bobsled. This type of user has permission to do everything within Bobsled.
MemberA Member has similar permissions to the Owner role, except they cannot do User Management.
FulfillmentThe Fulfillment role is used for granting access to your customers: Creating and managing Shares, Transfers and Destinations.
IntegratorThe Integrator role is used for managing your Sources for Shares, but this role cannot manage Shares et al.
ConsumerConsumers have limited permissions for viewing a subset of the system that they have been explicitly granted access to.

Below are the permissions each role has within the Bobsled Application.

User Management

View Bobsled Users
Create Owner User
Create Member User
Create Fulfillment User
Create Integrator User
Create Sharer User
Delete Bobsled Users
Resend User Invite
Send User Invite

Consumer Organisation Management

View Consumer Organisations
Create Consumer Organisation
Edit Consumer Organisation
Delete Consumer Organisation


Create Source
Edit Source
Delete Source
View Source
View Source Contents


View All Shares List
View Own Shares
Create Share
Delete Share
Edit Share Metadata
Add Share Source
Delete Share Source
Add Share Consumer Organisation
Delete Share Consumer Organisation
Add Share Destination
Delete Share Destination
View Share Data Schema


View Automated Transfer Metadata
View Automated Transfer Data
Create Automated Transfers
Edit Automated Transfer
Delete Automated Transfers
Pause Automated Transfer
Resume Automated Transfer
Delete Automated Transfer

Service Accounts

Create Service Account
View Service Account
Delete Service Account
Generate Secret
Delete Secret
View Client ID


Create Webhooks
View Webhooks
Delete Webhooks


View Bobsled Metadata
View Setup Source Metadata

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