Azure Object Storage
  • 25 Jun 2024
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Azure Object Storage

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Azure Object Storage, an object storage service offered by Microsoft Azure, is one of many source locations that Bobsled supports. A Provider can set up an Azure Object Storage source through first registering the Bobsled Azure Application in their source tenant and then assigning the application the necessary roles to read from the source container. Check the setup guide to get started.

Bobsled Azure Application

The Bobsled Application requests the limited permission User.Read. After consenting the application will show up under Enterprise Applications in Microsoft Entra ID.

Permissions on Source

Bobsled requires the following permissions to be granted to the Bobsled Azure Application on an Azure Object Storage container to be able to read files in the container: 

  • Storage Blob Delegator on storage account level

  • Storage Blob Data Reader on storage container level

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