Google Cloud Storage
  • 11 Jul 2024
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Google Cloud Storage

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Google Cloud Storage (GCS), an object storage service offered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP), is one of many source locations that Bobsled supports. A Provider can set up a Google Cloud Storage source through first granting Bobsled access to the source bucket in GCP and then configuring the bucket as a source location in Bobsled. Check the setup guide to get started.

Bobsled IAM Role

Bobsled recommends creating a dedicated IAM role in Google Cloud Storage, and assigning that role to the Bobsled Service account email in your source bucket.

Permissions on Source

Bobsled requires the following permissions on an Google Cloud Storage bucket to be able to read files in the bucket:

  • storage.buckets.get

  • storage.objects.get

  • storage.objects.list

For more information regarding these permissions, please visit Google IAM permissions ↗


Bobsled only supports regions with Gen2 cloud functions. Visit Google Cloud Functions Locations ↗ for supported regions.

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